Stephanie Perkins Book Signing in Manila!

(namely Mr. JB & Sab!!!)
Who: The international bestselling author of Anna and the French Kiss, Stephanie Perkins!
When and where: 
It's a bit surprising that the event in Manila was moved to Sunday. Since I started attending book signing events a couple of years ago, it's always set on a Saturday. I think I like the Saturday schedule more because it will give me a day to recuperate my strength before I go to work. :D 
Stephanie arrived here in the Philippines by July 1 and after her rest and sleep (no doubt, jet lag too) she begins her day for media appointments!
And Jenny Han, who was here last month, replied to Steph's tweet!

Oh, before I forget, Stephanie went here with her husband, Jarrod Perkins! (They met when she was 17 years old!) He's the one standing beside Steph in the photo below.
Another Solay Daybreak photo that Steph later on tweeted about.
 After the Solar Daybreak interview, she was a guest on a live radio show! Which I totally missed, and i'm really peeved about it. ;(

Here is Stephanie preparing for her live interview on Mornings ANC with her husband patiently seated. 

On the set of Mornings ANC!.

Steph stumbled upon a store named Lola Babes ;D 

Also read these articles! 

Here is a photo of her on Manila Bulletin!
After many interviews and media events, it's finally time for her book signing in Cebu!

But first, Stephanie takes a break from all of it and finds time to relax! 

You would not believe who wants to go here!!!!! MAUREEN JOHNSON!

A couple of photos of the event in Cebu!

GAH! Yes please!
AND FINALLY! THE DAY I'LL MEET STEPHANIE PERKINS! below is a photo of her while I'm waiting for my turn. ;) She looks so pretty! I love her hair and her outfit!
When it was my turn, I asked her a not-so-appropriate question. *SPOILER ALERT*
Scroll down fast now.
I know it was implied in the book but I really wanted to clarify if Cricket is really a virgin. (Because, you know, it's not everyday I encounter a hot and very virgin book boyfriend) HAHAHAHA. There, I said it. She answered my question that YES, Cricket's a virgin.  I also gave her my DIY Anna, Lola & Isla bookmarks that I hope she loves. 
Anyway, look at the crowd that attended the signing! 


For those who couldn't attend the event, here is the audio of Steph's interview in Glorietta!
P.S. I was late to arrive so I missed some of the questions. Sorry!

Sadly, I had to go home after the event and can't stay longer to just be in the presence of Stephanie Perkins. I always have sepanx when it comes to book signing events. -_- I hope she comes back! It was an amazing and wonderful experience to meet such a sweet author!
ALSO, I'll post my review for ISLA AND THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER soon! 

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