Book Review: Coin Heist by Elisa Ludwig

 Title: Coin Heist
Author: Elisa Ludwig
Genre: YA, Mystery
Publish date: June 10, 2014
Copy from: Netgalley

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The last place you’d expect to find a team of criminals is at a prestigious Philadelphia prep school. But on a class trip to the U.S. Mint – which prints a million new coins every 30 minutes – an overlooked security flaw becomes far too tempting for a small group of students to ignore.

United by dire circumstances, these unlikely allies – the slacker, the nerd, the athlete, and the "perfect" student – band together to attempt the impossible: rob the U.S. Mint. The diverse crew is forced to confront their true beliefs about each other and themselves as they do the wrong thing for the right reasons.

Elisa Ludwig's Coin Heist is a fun, suspenseful, and compelling thriller, told from the revolving perspectives of four teens, each with their own motive for committing a crime that could change all of their lives for the better—if they can pull it off.

 When I read the following paragraph: 
You could use the set theory in mathematics to explain most social realities: if O (Jason) was a member of A (his subset, a.k.a. Zack Pickering and his band friends), which was in turn a member of B (the HF junior class), he was technically included in B as a subset member
I was like
 But I kept on reading
And I wasn't disappointed. 
We have 
 the slacker, the nerd, the athlete, and the "perfect" student. What could possibly add more spice to this mix? 
An all-out coin stealing spree that is. 

What I like about this book is that each of the main characters were given the spotlight. We see their different points-of-view particularly what they are going through before, during and after their scheming. 

I also like the part where they were already fulfilling their mission and a curveball happens.

Overall, it is what a thrilling, (a little bit) blood-pumping action YA where you get the thrills, swirls and a little bit (or should I say quite a lot) of romance on the side. 

Albeit, the ending could have been a lot better

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My debut young adult novel PRETTY CROOKED (Katherine Tegen/HarperCollins) was released in March 2012, and the sequel, PRETTY SLY, is out in March 2014. COIN HEIST, a YA thriller, is out in June 2014 (Adaptive Studios). I live in Philadelphia with my husband and son.

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