#StrangeLit and #SparkBooks Book Launch!

Pretty awesome events happened during the weekend and here's a short recap on the book launches!

The book launch for #StrangeLit happened in Eastwood at Recession Coffee by Digital Walker. The event started 2PM (i got lost and ended up late! ) and ended around 5-ish? When I got there, the authors were already reading excerpts from their stories. Some read it themselves and some authors invited someone else to read. 

There were a lot of people who attended and it was great. So while everyone was busy, I went to check out the giveaway section. SOOOO many cool and fun swag. I want to grabe them all and run hahaha

After the reading, it's time for photo sessions!

 A huge congratulations to everyone! 

For everyone who would like to avail a copy of the bundles, you can get an ecopy on Buqo (app)!

Yesterday, I attended the book launch of 6 wonderful ladies. 4 of them attended and signed books! Here are the books available:

The event started quarter to 5PM with introductions and readings from Chrissie Peria, Agay Llanera, Kate Evangelista and Dawn Lanuza!

Chrissie Peria
Agay Llanera
Kate Evangelista
Dawn Lanuza
After the authors read an excerpt from their books, there was a Q&A. No transcript. (SORRY!) Will try to get interviews from them and post it here. ;) 

Following the Q&A, there was a raffle for the attendees! Each author had come up with a goody bag. There were also gifts from Camille Cisco and Bianca Mori (shoutout to them!). When the names were drawn, there seems to be an abundance for the name "Camille". Hahaha like 4 to 5 winners with that name? AND most of the male attendees won something! CRRAAAAZY! 

Thanks to NBS and Spark Books for this event! And to the fun way the program ended! Now, onto our favorite part....BOOK SIGNING!

Got my books signed and went on ahead and took photos for this post. ;) 

You can get copies at NBS Stores for 185pesos! Also available on Amazon!!!

IT WAS AN AMAZING WEEKEND! Congratulations Dawn, Kate, Agay, Chrissie and StrangeLit authors! Just look at the swag I have! *.* 

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