Book Blitz: What Love Can Do by Scott Pixello

What Love Can Do
Scott Pixello
Published Date: September 25, 2015

17-year-old Graham Stanley doesn’t believe in love at first sight. At school, he’s had to read Romeo & Juliet and even watch the Leonardo Di Caprio film. Then Graham meets Katya, a German foreign exchange student and his life is turned upside-down.
What does he do? Should he copy Leo? Should he get a fish tank? These and other, less pressing questions are explored in a rom-com that straddles Europe like…well, like a Colossus.
Over the course of a year, split between Brighton and Berlin and set against the backdrop of a referendum on EU membership, Graham too must decide where his future lies and more importantly, with whom.
Graham and Katya are about to find out…what love can do.
This is a romance like Graham’s rubber duck- it’s clean but not squeaky.
I’m a moderately-disturbed Brit. I’ve had seven books of non-fiction published with three different publishers under another name.
Luke I am Your Father is a humorous look at unplanned pregnancy, the main character in Gothic Girl 'goes goth' as a way to cope with pressures at home and school and Live Long and Prospero features a bunch of lunatics on a lighthouse facing automation. Rainbow is about a cow that can predict soccer scores and Gagfest UK is about stand-up comedy and a heckler who takes things too far. These books are not part of a series. 
However, 2014 heralds a new direction in the Pixelloverse- I am writing a series set in Roman-occupied Britain in AD 60. The books carry the name of the hero, a would-be rebel without a toga: Keith Ramsbottom. 
I love writing (and reading) but hate the self-promotion part of being a writer. I am painfully shy and don’t tweet, I have no website and there are no pictures of me on the Net. I don’t even have a mobile phone (shock horror!). I do have a Facebook page (see

I’m not a total hermit but for me, the words are the key things, not who produces them. I long to give up my day-job and write full time but for that I need to generate more sales online, which means readers, like you, need to spend some (but not much) of your hard-earned pocket money on Pixello products. I'm trying to write books that could not be written by anyone else. And maybe shouldn't be. I plan to release about 3-4 books a year until I run out of ideas, which sadly could be some time (I’ve got about 12 manuscripts at various stages of readiness). Watch the skies.


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