Book Review: Rian by Michelle McLoughney

Rian by Michelle McLoughney
(The O’Malleys #2)
Publication date: February 10th 2015
Genres: Adult, Romance               See on Goodreads

Do you believe in soul mates?
Rian O’Malley knew the minute he saw Liadh O’Neil that she was the missing piece of his puzzle. They would be together forever. The only problem, they were both five years old at the time. When Rian lost Liadh, he shut away a part of his heart and no woman ever managed to capture the piece of his soul that belonged to Liadh.

Do you believe in true love?
Rian O’Malley is all grown up. Life is good as a sexy brooding multi millionaire businessman. Being CEO of the O’Malley Caribbean resorts affords Rian every luxury, but in love Rian is guarded, the guise of cheeky carefree playboy hides the depths of his fractured heart.

Liadh O’Neil is back in town.
Scarred by the fire that changed her physically and emotionally, Liadh O’Neil is changed. Although broken on the inside, outwardly Liadh is a confident and professional woman. Can Rian break through the façade and find the real Liadh? Old friendships are rekindled and old adversaries resurface, soon Rian must fight for Liadh’s life as well as her heart.

The magic is still there, the chemistry too hot to deny. Can Rian break down Liadh’s barriers when his own walls seem so impenetrable?

I like childhood romances. The type where you just saw each other as disgusting slobs during your childhood until you both grew up. I like these type of stories as it shows how you truly knew the person even before she or he became the gorgeous being that they are today.

And that is what Rian and Liadh have.

Rian is probably one of the most ideal boyfriend out there. He is perfect. He is every adjective you would want your boyfriend to have (or might already have). I love their interactions as it is both endearing, knowing how close they are in the past and still came to caring for each other despite the years. There are moments however that I found it quite unrealistic and yet, the book is good enough to inspire a little thought that happily ever afters may happen.

Rian is a good book to read for those looking for the ideal happily ever after with a guy who is perfect in every way.

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