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High-profile divorce? Check.

Time away to heal? Check. Six months.

Distance from her celebrity ex Michael Day? Almost.

After ending the relationship that defined her, Tina is desperate to get her life back. But, a sexy bartender who happens to be ten years her junior might not be the best way to do that.

Shaking off the pain of the past, Tina decides the old rules no longer apply. For the first time in a very long time, Tina is free to do what she wants with whomever she wants. And Tina wants Josh.

Tina's first fling after her divorce has the potential to be something more, if only Josh wasn't a struggling musician.

She watched Michael's career soar beyond his wildest dreams, only to get swallowed up by the fame and fortune that came with it. In the end, Tina was left with a broken marriage, a broken heart, and a custody agreement.

Tina wants to focus on herself, to finally find a place in the world that doesn't come from marrying a celebrity. But if she ends this thing with Josh and focuses on a career, she might lose her one shot at happiness.

AFTER THE FALL is Abby Cavenaugh's second novel and a follow-up to her bestselling GOING HOME AGAIN.
The story starts as the pair meets. The meeting of the two was a little cliche. Well, more than a little bit. The whole time slows down and love at first sight. Tina can't hold a single conversation when they first met. 

Tina was swept off her feet by her first husband at a young age. An age that was still gullible with true love. She is also a mother to a 12 year old boy and trying to be the greatest for him. But what happens when her happiness seems to be when she's with the charming bartender she met the other night? The one she told all her stories with?

Josh was also swept off by love. But that relationship turned into a big heartache. Now, he seems to be drawn with the woman that came to the bar he was working at. They share more than a stories but the life story of each other. 

After The Fall will show you how can still find love amidst the chaotic world that we have today. Even with broken hearts and angry minds, you will find love in the places and people you least expected. In this novel, age doesn't matter right?
Abby Cavenaugh is a writer of romantic women's fiction. She is a newspaper editor by day, but dreams of someday retiring to the North Carolina coast to write books full-time. She lives near Charlotte with her twin sister, also a writer, eight-year-old niece, three cats and a crazy puppy. She is driven by dreams and chocolate.

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