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Last December 15-19, 2014 and January 12-16, 2015 the Bookish Diaries Books Tours organized the Philippine Blog Tour of The Light In The Wound and His Wounded Light, and today we are very lucky because we have an exclusive Q&A with Christine Brae! Of course, she talked about her books and her writing career plus a bonus special message (for her fans, and aspiring writers). We're really excited to share this with you, guys!

"Hi, TBD! Thank you for having me on your blog today. I feel so honored to be able to chat with  a Filipino based blog once again. I love catching up with you guys!" - Christine Brae
Q: What inspired you to write The Light in the Wound and His Wounded Light?
A: The Light in the Wound was originally written as a tribute to my mom who passed away a few years ago. While writing it, I realized that who I became was a result of the interesting life that I lived and the two people who loved me. So I made up some characters and the rest is history!

After the release of TLITW, a Street Team was formed by a wonderful group of women who really identified with the story. I wrote His Wounded Light for them and for Alex, Isa and Jesse. They felt that I needed to follow the first book up with some sort of resolution. After all, Isa was still struggling with some open issues at the end of the first book.

Q: How did Isa, Alex, and Jesse come to be?
A: Every story is to some level, based on a writer’s reality. That’s all I will say J

Q: What was the journey like while writing it?
A: Writing my first book was probably the most cathartic experience I have ever had in my life. Let me tell you that writing is a very lonely experience – you live in your mind and listen to the characters speak to you all day long. And yet, it was the most exhilarating journey I have ever taken.

First of all, it brought out a creative streak in me that I never thought I would share with the world. That part of the journey alone makes it so worthwhile. And then everything becomes real when you see a part of you being pushed out in the open, when you’re subject to praise and criticism, when you build new friendships and when you begin to harbor a confidence that’s all yours. It’s a reality that allows you to grow into your own skin and you embrace it.

Q: What is your favorite scene in the book?
A: In TLITW, I think my favorite scene is the one where Isa tells Alex about her night with Jesse. It was such an emotional scene and a turning point for both of them.

In HWL, I cried buckets of tears as I wrote the scene where Alex and Isa are in the library/den talking.

Q: Do you see your books turning into movies in the future? (Who would play Isa, Alex, and Jesse?)
A: Ha! I wish. I’ve had a massive crush on Paul Walker – all my trailers have him as Alex. Jesse  can be played by any dark haired hunk but the choice of Ian Somerhalder was perfect. He has the look of Jess. And Isa, I think Kristin Kreuk is perfect.
Questions about me? I may not be as interesting as my books!

Q: When did you start writing?
A: I have always loved to write, but until 2 years ago, it was limited to letters, poems, short stories. The Indie authors who are my friends had inspired me and encouraged me to publish TLITW. The rest is history.

Will I be doing this forever? That, I don’t know. I have a full time career that makes a twenty four hour day pretty challenging as it is, but I guess as long as I have these crazy thoughts in my head, I will keep on doing it.

Q: Who are your literary influences?
A: I grew up reading many different genres written by many different authors. It’s funny, but when looking for a book to read, I normally search on the authors that I like before entertaining any other books by authors I don’t know. Of course, the Indie world has changed all that now…I pick up books written by new authors, established authors, aspiring authors.

My literary influences are too many to name!

Q: What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment, so far, as a writer?
A: This may be a weird answer, but to me, success as a writer has come in the form of the influence that my words have had on the people who have read and loved my books.  When people reach out to me out of the blue to tell me how much they loved my books or the characters or the words that I had written, that means the world to me. I think I still have so much to learn about this business – I’m basically a newbie – so I like to think that everything is still evolving.

Q: What advice can you give to aspiring writers?
A: WRITE! Write what you want, write what you feel, write for yourself and be proud of your words.  Hone your skills, be willing to learn, be open to criticism and stand for who you are. Be courageous – own what you write because it is all yours. Don’t change your mind about the things that you feel strongly about.

And be thankful each and every day for the people who support you.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your next book In This Life?
A: I am so excited about this book, I can’t contain myself! In This Life is a different love story between two very unlikely people. Its storyline is also quite different and its theme can be a little bit controversial. But I wrote it at a time in my life when I needed answers to certain questions and I had to learn the hard way that there is a time and a place for everything. Anna, Jude and Dante have really taken over my heart and I can’t wait to share their story with you!

I can’t wait to see you at the MIBF!



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