Book Review: King of Forgotten Clubs by Jennifer Recchio

Title: King of Unforgotten Clubs (Queen of Broken Hearts #2)
Author: Jennifer Recchio
Genre: YA, Romance
Published: September 25, 2013
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 There’s two hours left before Pak Higgins’ paper on the psychology of needs is due. Two hours to figure out what he needs in his life. Is it the girlfriend that dumped him for being too distant? The friends he’s barely talking to anymore? Or maybe it’s the running girl who crashed through his window at three in the morning with a desperate plea for help.

It’s definitely not the parents who tried to leave him in a boarding school in France or the money he walked away from to cut himself off from them.

But needing is a funny thing. Sometimes it’s the ones you want to run from that you need the most.

King of Forgotten Clubs is a sequel to Queen of Broken Hearts

*synopsis from Goodreads 
 I really had such high hopes for this book.
Sadly, it hasn't lived up to what I expected of it.
It's so much worse.

Pak Higgins is a teen who had broken up with his girlfriend, and, a few days after, stumbles upon a whole new level of trouble. Along with that trouble, was another girl. A girl, who apparently, stole his pants. And that is when their adventure begins.

The plot was going in several directions that my head was spinning in circles right up to the end. The scenes were jumping from one to the other, with little established ground as to the sudden changes in location or the character's decisions.

I was really trying to see what was the matter with the main character but all I ended up with was "What's his problem really?"

Overall, the idea that the author (I think) intends to tell is really good. But, the way that the author tried to express it was all over the place. At the end, all I got was a big glob of details that are thinly connected to each other, mixed up, and all you get in the end is a bowl of confusion.
Jennifer Recchio is a ghostly apparition who can only communicate through her enchanted mac book. Her spirit is rumored to reside somewhere in Southern Indiana, but no public sightings have yet been reported. 

  Upon reaching the age of 22 she accidentally earned a chemistry degree. She's sure it's still around here She may or may not enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons, eating Cheez-itz, and listening to musical soundtracks. 

Size/Type: Small Humanoid
Hit Dice: 1d4-3
Speed: 5ft
Attack: Death Glare (1d6+2 stun)
Treasure: None
​Weak Against Adorable Dogs, Cookies, and Shiny Things.

*about the author and her photo taken from her blog

The Queen of Broken Hearts series


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