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COME BACK TO ME is out on October 23rd in the UK and in November in Australia. For the US, you'll have to wait a little longer. 
Another congratulations to Come Back To Me for beating Fifty Shades in the erotica listing on Amazon! It’s reached #4 in the bestseller charts in WHSmith in the UK.

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Author: Mila Gray (a.k.a Sarah Alderson)
Published: June 19, 2014
Genre: New Adult
Home on leave in sunny California, Marine and local lothario Kit Ryan finds himself dangerously drawn to his best friend's sister, Jessa - the one girl he can't have.

But Kit's not about to let a few obstacles stand in his way and soon Jessa's falling for his irresistible charms.

What starts out as a summer romance of secret hook-ups and magical first times quickly develops into a passionate love affair that turns both their worlds upside down.

When summer's over and it's time for Kit to redeploy, neither Kit nor Jessa are ready to say goodbye. Jessa's finally following her dreams and Kit's discovered there's someone he'd sacrifice everything for.

Jessa's prepared to wait for Kit no matter what. But when something more than distance and time rips them apart they're forced to decide whether what they have is really worth fighting for.

A breathtaking, scorchingly hot story about love, friendship, family and finding your way back from the edge of heartbreak.

‘This is amazing,’ she says, still not taking her eyes off the sky.
‘It’s one of the best places in California for stargazing,’ I say, though I’m yet to look at the stars. Next to Jessa they kind of pale.
‘I can’t believe I’ve never been here before,’ Jessa says now. She rests back on her elbows, stretching her legs out. I take a deep breath, trying to tear my eyes off the smooth, tempting length of them. I snatch the spare blanket and throw it over us then lie down beside her. After a moment she rolls gently against me. I lift my arm and she scoots even closer, resting her head on my shoulder. For a long while neither of us moves and I’m not sure about Jessa but I know that I for one am not staring at the sky or thinking about stars, all I can concentrate on is the feel of Jessa’s body relaxing against mine, the warmth of her bare legs pressed against my thigh, the feel of her breasts against my side and the cool silk of her hair tickling my neck.
The tension (nervous?) in her body gradually seeps away as my hand gently strokes her shoulder and arm beneath the blanket. Goosebumps prickle her skin and my gut tightens in answer. I want nothing more than to kiss her but I don’t. I don’t want her to think I brought her all this way just so I could make out with her. I mean, I do want to make out with her, but I also want to take things slow, make sure she knows I’m not putting any pressure on her. If all we did was lie here and look up at the stars that would be enough.
‘That’s the big dipper,’ I say, pointing out the plough shape of stars in the sky. ‘And this little one here, that’s the little dipper, Ursa Minor. See the brightest star in it? At the end of the handle? That’s the North Star.’
Jessa follows my hand.
‘It’s always there, all night. Doesn’t rise, doesn’t set. All the other stars revolve around it. It’s the one you look for if you’re lost. It’ll take you home.’
Jessa is quiet for a moment. ‘How do you know all this?’ she finally asks.
‘They taught us in basic training. We have to be able to navigate without a compass at night.’
Jessa tenses a little and then her hand moves beneath the blanket and comes to rest on my stomach. Oh man. I hope to god it stays there and doesn’t wander any lower because I am just barely managing to stay cool as it is.
‘What else did they teach you?’ she asks, her fingertips gently and slowly smoothing their way across my T-shirt, tracing the bottom line of my ribs and then my stomach muscles. Blood pounds in my ears like an anvil against rock.
‘To iron. I have mad ironing skills,’ I practically stammer. ‘And I also know which spoon to use for soup and which to use for dessert.’
‘Useful in the heat of battle,’ she laughs. ‘Why do you need to know about place settings?’
‘We work in an embassy. We’re guarding diplomats. They give us etiquette lessons before they send us into the field so we don’t go embarrassing ourselves at all the fancy functions acting like grunts who’ve never seen a knife and fork before.’
Mila Gray is the pen name for Sarah Alderson, author of Hunting Lila, Losing Lila, The Sound, Fated and Out of Control. 

Originally from London she has lived in Bali for the last four years with her husband and daughter. 

As well as writing young adult fiction under the name Sarah Alderson and adult fiction under the name Mila Gray, she also writes screenplays.

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