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Bone Whistle (The Gateway Chronicles #6)
K.B. Hoyle
Release Date: September 18 , 2014
Genre: JUVENILE FICTION/Fantasy/Magic; Family/General
ISBN e-book:   978-1-61213-279-2
Available from: Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and TWCS PH

The-Bone-Whistle-3D-Paperback-eReaderDarcy burned with the pain of knowing shed failed. What happened when a prophecy didnt come true? It must not have been much of a prophecy in the first place. And if they couldnt trust in that, then they couldnt trust in anything at all.

Five years ago, Darcy first received the prophecy of the Six, which stated she and her friends would save the land of Alitheia from a shadowy foe. For five years, she hasnt known what the end will look like, but she certainly didnt expect this.

Thrust back into Alitheia through unexpected means, Darcy winds up alone, scared, and without her recent memory. As she struggles to regain her lost memories and reunite with the ones she loves, she pieces together the prophecies and the oracles to find they all converge into one story¾a story that tells her just how much shell have to give to save both worlds, and everyone she loves.

Pursued through Alitheia by forces desperate to kill them, Darcy and her friends take a journey fraught with danger that will lead them, inevitably, to the final confrontation with the Shadow. Armed with newfound knowledge of how the prophecy of the Six will play out, Darcy and the others must have faith in the face of mounting odds and adversity. Ultimately, the greatest courage of all belongs not to those who give something of themselves, but to those who let go of what they could never control.

Filled with stunning losses, heart-wrenching reunions, unexpected twists, and the power of love and sacrifice, the conclusion to The Gateway Chronicles will leave you breathless and begging for more from author K. B. Hoyle.

Reading the entire series reminded me so much of the times that I desperately wanted to knock on the back of closets, wondering if it'd transport me to a magical place. This time though, the idea of getting lost in the woods and discovering an alternate world sounds so good that I truly want to prepare a camping bag and get started. Who knows right? I just might stumble on that gnome that would lead me to it (fingers crossed).

I really can't put to words the wonder I've felt while reading The Gateway Chronicles. It made me feel like Lucy when she discovered Narnia or even Alice when she stumbled upon that rabbit hole. Curious, excited with a little bit of fear, it felt like I was also on a journey myself.

I also really liked the characters. They matured over time and their friendship got stronger throughout the series. Trials may have tested it, but their bond as the Six never wavered. New people, and the return of one beloved truly formed a character well.

And, gosh, I honestly ship Tellius and Darcy. I LOVE the both of them together! Heck, I never imagine myself stealing Tellius because, they seriously complement each other very well. They both matured in the on and off years they see each other and gah! I just... I'm..I feel so fuzzy! No words! No words can describe what I feel every time they have a moment together. Iwould just bury my face in the pillow and squeal my heart out. 

The wonder I have felt reading this book is truly extraordinary and there is one or two things that I'd like to tell you: go grab a copy of the series and read it. You'd want to discover the world of Alitheia and establish a home there. So much so that even when you finish the books and return to reality, the world and the characters are ones you'd very likely keep close to your heart. 

kb_hoyleK. B. Hoyle has been a classical educator for several years. She is a wife to a wonderful husband and mother to three rambunctious little boys. Her favorite literary genres have always been Young Adult Fantasy and Science Fiction, so that is where her journey began. At a young age, she knew she wanted to write stories that would inspire people, and she wrote her first fantasy novel at the age of eleven. Her goal as a writer is to take a look at existing truths in the world around her and repackage them in new, exciting, and fantastic ways.

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Praise for The Bone Whistle

"I really enjoyed this series from the opening pages of THE SIX, where we meet 13 year old, solipsistic, angst-ridden Darcy, through to the final pages of THE BONE WHISTLE where we leave her behind, matured and likely as grown as she will ever be."  - Suzy Goodreads Review


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