Jenny Han Book Signing Event In Manila!

Woot woot! Monthly book signing events! Fun but expensive. xD

Thank you National Book Store, as always! And also to the marketing team for being accommodating and nice! (Especially Ms. Juliet, Loraine and JB). And of course, Sab!

For Manila: June 21 (Saturday) at 2pm in NBS, Glorietta 1! <--The one I'm attending.
For Cebu: June 22 (Sunday) at 2pm in NBS, SM Cebu!

I arrived in Ayala around 10AM and the registration line was already long! The end of the line was on the second floor. When we finished our registration and got our passes we couldn't find a place to sit so we decided to eat lunch first. 

Below is a photo of the stage.
After we ate our lunch, we proceeded on waiting for Jenny Han to arrive. I took a picture of the interview chair while waiting. 
Jenny Han was interviewed but I don't know which program or station. The interviewer was pretty young and I envied her job because she gets to chat with awesome authors. Jenny was super nice and sweet! We know she has a busy schedule so we appreciate her never-ending smile. 

I recorded a video of the interview but since I'm not sure if I'm breaching any rights or not, I won't upload it. Here are the things we learned from the interview:
  • Jenny Han gets inspiration from her own childhood/teenage hood when she looks at her old diaries. Also, she gets inspiration from her life in New York and from observing people.
  • She loves writing about teens because it is exciting and a passionate time in a person's life. 
"When you are young, you're experiencing things for the first time. And I think that firsts are just naturally compelling and interesting just by design." - Jenny Han

  • Of all the books she wrote, her favorite novel by far is To All The Boys I've Loved Before because it's the newest one and also, it's probably the most personal one.

"My favorite book is usually the one that I just wrote. That is usually what is closest to my heart because it just feels nearby, I guess."  -Jenny Han

  • P.S. I Still Love You will probably be out 2015 if Jenny finishes in time. 
  • Her advice to Filipino fans about life and relationships is to have lots of adventures, say yes to things, to put yourself out there and be open to new experiences.
"Having an adventurous life is where to begin." - Jenny Han

When the interview was over, we went to the event place and waited for Jenny Han there. The crowd went crazy when Jenny arrived!  
I recorded the interview on the event but unfortunately I had a hard time understanding what was in the audio and couldn't write a transcript. So sorry. Next time, I'll take notes instead. 
Here is Jenny waving to her readers!
A couple of early birds had the chance to get an ARC copy of Ashes to Ashes and some cool stuff from Jenny! *.* And I was shocked to hear that they were at the event at 11:30 PM, the day before the event. Yikes. I don't think I can survive 15 hours of waiting. Not to mention, no comfortable place to wait for the mall to open. But I also think it's all worth it.
The book signing started as soon as the program ended and the stage was arranged. 
Here is a photo of Jenny signing books!
And of course, the event wouldn't be complete without the Oscar Selfie shot!
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