Tahereh Mafi, Ransom Riggs & Veronica Rossi Book Signing Event in Manila!

I can never thank National Book Store enough for inviting and making this event happen. Although i must say, i would've preferred an individual event for Veronica.

There are two events for the authors:
*April 26, 2014, 2:00 pm, at the Glorietta Activity Center (Metro Manila)
*April 27, 2014, 2:00 pm, at The Gallery of Ayala Center (Cebu)

Let's recap the visit of Tahereh, Ransom and Veronica here in Metro Manila!

Veronica Rossi arrived on April 24!

After her arrival and much needed rest, she met Karen Davila, a news anchor for an interview!

Even with jetlag, she looks absolutely amazing!

Ransom and Tahereh flies to Manila on April 25 (Friday)!

Finally! Ransom and Tahereh arrives at 5am in Manila! (April 26)

You guys thought it was too early? They will probably rest and people are probably still asleep. NOOOO.

The first person who arrived was reported to be there at only 1:50am. AM. IN. THE. MORNING. or midnight. Whatevs. I can't imagine waiting that long! The event starts at 2pm!

Anyway, a fan posted a photo of the people waiting in line at 4:30am. I wish i could wake up so early or that I'm near Ayala. ;(

Ransom and Veronica replied to their dedication!

I arrived late. I know. Why?! Why would i arrive late. I want the earth to gobble me up. The answer is...I'm not a morning person.

After falling in line for about 2 hours, I finally got my signing passes!  ❤️❤️❤️ I left my Shatter Me, Unravel Me and Miss Peregrine's because it was signed already.

I met with my friend, her sister and a new found friend while waiting for the event to start.

I was #918 and you might want to see how many people is present! Last time i checked the numbers were at 1,400! WOW.

 The event started late and i didn't know why. Previous signings weren't that late. Anyway, let's briefly recap the program.

It started with the introduction of the authors. The crowd was ecstatic!

There was a malfunction with the mic used. And the speakers/sound system was a bit poor. It was hard listening to what the authors were saying. I apologize for not recording the interview. Again. I was having a hard time understanding them. But i did catch that Tahereh and Ransom met through Kami Garcia.

At last, the book signing started before 4pm.

After more or less 4 hours of waiting for my turn, they finally called #900 to #920! Don't get me wrong, all the waiting gave me new friends and it was fun getting to know them.

Now back to the authors.

VERONICA ROSSI was absolutely sweet and beautiful! She would stop what she's doing just to chat with her readers! Veronica said she's enjoying her stay here very much and that she would come back again. So for those who couldn't attend the signing, you might be able to get a chance again. 

Oh, and i got a hug from her. *squeek*

TAHEREH MAFI was sweet and lovely as always. I want to ask for her wedding bouquet because it was so beautiful. xD 

And RANSOM RIGGS, who is freakin hot. My friends can't stop talking about him. LOL. He was super nice and perf. 

Sadly, i had to leave the stage. Why do I always have separation anxiety whenever I attend a signing? What I would give to chat with them for a whole day. 

But before anything else, i would like to thank my mom for giving me the necessary fund to buy books. :D And to Ms. Loraine for being so nice!

Over all, it was super fun! It was amazing really.

Indeed it was. 

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