Book Events & News: Becca Fitzpatrick's Book Signing in Manila!

Thanks to National Book Store, we get to meet the New York Times bestselling author behind the Hush, Hush Saga, Becca Fitzpatrick! The book store arranged two events in the Philippines so that bookworms in the Visayas can also meet her. One in Metro Manila and one in Cebu!

Let’s recap the visit of Becca here in the metro. 

Day 1: Becca arrived in the Philippines from Hong Kong on March 26, 2014. 

Here is a wacky photo of her with @itsjbroperos at Raffles, Makati!
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Day 2 (March 27, 2014): She's having a very busy day with interviews and appointments! And I hope she's coping well with jet lag! ;D

Another photo from Mr. Roperos! 
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Day 3 (March 29, 2014): Book signing at NBS, Glorietta 1 (4pm)!

Look at the line at 8AM! All of them waiting for Becca!

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Now let's proceed on my point of view of the event! ;)

Becca did a quick interview before she met us.

Sadly, we weren't able to attend the Bloggers Forum so it was a huge relief to meet Becca Fitzpatrick before the event starts. (Thanks to Sab! Also, Ma'am Gaco!

She even made time to sign our books! While she was signing our books, we were able to chat with her about the saga. I asked her if she was planning on writing a novella for the Hush, Hush Saga and she said she have plans! Becca wants to write in Patch's POV but she confirmed it'll only be a novella and NOT a whole book. But it's still awesome to be able to read in Patch's perspective! 
I might have also suggested a novella about someone and someone's *cough* hot scenes *cough*. Something happened with Patch and Nora in the 3-year gap in Finale and i wanna know. Yeah, a bit naughty of me. ;D

(**UPDATE: I apologize if there were some misunderstanding. Becca wants to write novellas but not anytime soon.)

She even suggested if we want to take a photo with her! 
(won't post the photos for anonymity ;D)

Look what she wrote! *FAINTS*

After signing our books, she made a little video for her Filipino fans!

We made our way to the event and waited for Becca there. We can't find a good spot with so many attendees! It was amazing how many boys and girls are present!

I'm apologizing for not recording the Q&A of Becca because i was still in that zone after meeting her. HA! She arrived and the crowd was cheering!

I should point out the hot fallen angel on the white screen! xD

(**UPDATE: Deleted because of misinformation.)

Another interview for ABS-CBN before she resumes signing books! Did i mention we were also interviewed by them? It will air on ABS-CBN Lifestyle Channel next week. (We'll update you when we get a text message on the exact date.)

And the book signing begins! (im not the one on the pic)

She even tweeted her thanks to her Filipino fans! 

I hope you enjoyed meeting Becca as much as we did! We couldn't have asked for more! She was lovely on the inside and out!

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