Review: LBC Shipping Cart!

Beware: I will rant on this post.

I wanted to write a short (not really) review with my recent experience with Shipping Cart (Owned by LBC).

I admit that they are fast when it comes to deliveries. From my experiences, they do deliver fast shipments and you'll receive your items on time or before your expected delivery date. My very first transaction with them was smooth.

I only had to pay the store so they can ship to my SC address. After that, I'll wait for it to arrive at the warehouse. There's been some delay in posting the photos and items to your online cart even if it was delivered and accepted a few days ago. But for this, I'm okay. It's not a big deal.

HOWEVER, my stressful encounter with Shipping Cart started with my most recent shipment. I bought a cosmetics and signed books from various shops because they were on sale. The shop confirmed that it has been accepted and delivered, SC warehouse also emailed to say it was accepted already. There were some delay with the posting on their website and on my account but that was fine with me. 

After a couple of days, my items were on my account, I checked, all items are accounted for. So I shipped them via air because I couldn't wait to get them. 

My items arrived before the expected date which I was ecstatic about. But open checking my items, 1 was missing.

I emailed them. They said they'll look into it. That "looking into" lasted for 1 month. ONE MONTH! I had to send them a dozen follow up emails - i didn't get a reply - and a couple of calls to the LBC hotline which had a designated SC agent. 

I was stressed that the item i was most excited to receive was missing from my items. The peculiar thing was, the photo on my cart had the complete number of items. Clearly someone messed with my items. 

Basically, if something went wrong with the shipment, you won't get much attention to it. Their customer service sucks big time. It's the worse I've encountered. 

They didn't find my missing item. I had to follow up a hundred times to get a reply. I had to go through more stress with following up just to get my refund. 

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