Book Review: Sparks of Attraction by Jessica E. Larsen

Sparks of Attraction by Jessica L. Larsen
Contemporary, Romance
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Serene’s big mouth and playgirl reputation get her into trouble at her ten-year high school reunion. The boy who broke her heart when she was a teenager teases her with a kiss and she is left torn over their rocky past and a future she isn’t certain they can have together. 

Examining her past, she can see that heartbreaker Zane was the one person who let her true personality shine through after she dumped her good girl image and put on a facade to save her twin sister from being bullied. 

Secrets and lies are uncovered as Serene makes her decision. Her head is telling her to run, but she can no longer ignore her heart.

Serene and Zane had a love-hate-but mostly love-relationship during their high school years and time did nothing to diminish the attraction between them. With various miscommunication along their lifetime, will they finally have the chance to be together, or will the circumstances finally tear them apart? 

In the first parts of the book, I just couldn't connect with Zane and Serene. It may be because of the normal high school life that I lead back then but it can also be of the certain events that seem unlikely to happen in a real-life situation. The story definitely develops and shines in the middle part. One gets to see Serene shed the image she has built in her high school and college years and get to see her loyalty to those she loves. We definitely get to see Zane grow up into a man that doesn't bow down from his responsibilities, giving his love freely to those who matter to him. Seeing their lives tangle after all these years definitely rounds up this story pretty well. 

Sparks of Attraction may have started at a feeble way, but passing it through and immersing oneself from the middle of their story til the end, the characters would definitely grow on you as they share their story of love, heartbreaks and finding their way back to each other. 

Jessica E. Larsen is an author of contemporary romance, YA, NA and Paranormal stories. She writes in both English and Taglish/Filipino language. 

Jessica’s not hundred percent sure what her characters are thinking, but most of the heroine in her stories love to bite her head off and fall for the guy they dislike, then blame her for their misery. 

When she's not writing, you'll find her reading or creating digital art. 

Jessica doesn’t like doing housework, but love hearing from her readers. She might be late at times, but she always takes the time to reply to comments and messages.

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